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Terms of Service

Terms of service




We are thankful to you for having a look at our website and our range of products, i.e., LevelUP Infrared Sauna Blankets. This particular website is administered by LevelUP [WIP] (we, us, or our). You can get access to this website with the help of www.levelupsauna.com [WIP] and might also be available at some other websites or channels as well.


Your consent to these terms of use


When you access and/or use our website, then it means that you agree with our terms of use (Terms), and we strongly advise you to read these specific Terms carefully. In case you do not agree with these particular Terms, then you should stop using our website immediately.


Changes to Terms of Use


We might modify these specific Terms every now and then with complete discretion, where we publish the modified Terms on our website. We suggest that you should check the website often to make sure that you are familiar with our particular Terms at the time you are accessing or using our website. The Materials and/or data on this website are subject to modification without any prior notice. We do not undertake to keep our website updated and it should be noted that we shall not be held responsible for any content on the website that is not accurate or is outdated.




Your privacy will be respected by us, and we understand that your personal information is to be protected, which is an extremely crucial thing to do. The Privacy Policy available on the website determines how we intend to gather and manage your personal information.


Your license to access/use our website


With respect to these Terms, we allow you to have a license to use our website that is non-exclusive, worldwide, revocable, royalty-free, and non-transferable license. Any other type of usage regarding our website is restricted unless we provide you with our written approval.


Conduct which we don’t approve


If you are using our website, then we expect you to follow a specified standard of behavior. It is to be noted that you should not do anything that is considered unlawful, restricted by certain types of laws applicable to our website, what we consider to be inappropriate, or which might cause defamation or disgrace to our website. Which include:


  1. Any legal rights or any act that is considered to be a breach of an individual’s privacy while including the upload of a person’s personal or private information without their approval.


  1. Utilization of our website for defaming, threatening, harassing, offending, or menacing an individual.


  1. Interference with any individual who is a user of our website.


  1. Tampering with our website or altering it, while intentionally transmitting viruses, any other harmful features, damaging our website, or interfering with the website with the help of trojan horses, piracy, viruses, programming techniques that generally damage or tamper with our website.


  1. Utilization of our website for sending unprompted electronic messages.


  1. Helping or facilitating a third party for doing any of the abovementioned acts.


Competitors are restricted


If you are a competitor to our site, then you are restricted from utilizing our content in any specific way that tends to be a competition to our business.


For personal use only


We have created our website in such a way that you must only use it for personal purposes, and we strongly restrict you from using the particular content or our website for commercial purposes. This includes advertising your business or for any other activities that generate revenue for you.




You should carefully notice the fact that the content provided on our website is extensive and should be utilized for general information purposes only. Your specific needs, objectives, or situations should not be taken into account by our content, and our content should not be considered as advice. As permitted by the law to the maximum extent, we make no representation or warranty related to the accuracy and completeness of the content provided on our website, yet however, we take all the necessary actions to make sure that the content is accurate and complete.


Intellectual Property rights


We own or license all the rights, interests, and titles in our website and all of our content, along with the intellectual property rights, unless suggested otherwise. Your access and usage of our website or any of the content that has been provided on our website shall not allow or transfer any particular rights, title, or interest with respect to our website or the content provided in it. You should not:


  1. Copy or utilize any content, either partially or entirely.


  1. Reproduce, distribute, retransmit, sell, disseminate, broadcast, publish, or circulate our content to any third party. (or)


  1. Violation of any specific intellectual property rights with respect to our website or our content, which includes modification or alteration of our content (without limitation), while resulting in any of our content to be framed or embedded in any other platform or website, or creation of derivative works that are produced from our content.


Content you upload


You shall be allowed to submit, publish, upload, or transmit the appropriate information and/or content on our website. When you make any User-related content available on our website or through our website, then it would imply that you allow us to have a license to that content, which is deemed to be worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, perpetual, and royalty-free. This would also allow us to have the right to use, copy, adapt, view, distribute, modify, transfer, license, publicly display, communicate, publicly perform, broadcast, access, stream, transmit, or exploit the above-said User Content on our website or through our website, or by the means of our website.


It also means that you agree with the fact that you shall be held responsible for all the User Content, which is made available on our website by you, and in such an event, you also represent and warrant the following:


  1. You must either be a sole and exclusive owner of all the user content, or you must possess all the exclusive rights, approvals, licenses, and releases required to allow us the rights regarding the User Content (in accordance with these Terms).


  1. The User Content or the uploading, posting, submission, transmission, or publication of the User Content, or the utilization of the User Content on or through, or by the means of our website should not violate, infringe, or misappropriate a third party’s intellectual property rights/publicity rights/privacy rights, or lead to a breach of any laws or regulations applicable.


We shall not encourage or approve, and we shall not be held responsible for any type of User Content. As permitted by the law to the maximum extent, we are allowed to remove any User Content at any time, while maintaining sole discretion.


Third-Party websites


Our website might possess certain links to websites, which are managed by third parties. We do not encourage, control, or approve, and we shall not be held responsible for the content that is provided on those websites unless we suggest otherwise. We highly recommend you conduct your own research regarding the appropriateness of such websites.


Discontinuation of our website


We might discontinue our website either partially or entirely at any given time, without providing any prior notice to you. We might also restrict any specific individual from making use of our website, at any particular time while maintaining our sole discretion. We shall not be held responsible for any sort of liability that you may have to suffer in compliance with such an event of discontinuance or exclusion.


Disclaimers and Warranties


As permitted by law to the maximum extent, we do not make any sort of representations or warranties regarding our website or the Content provided on our website, including the following without limitations:


  1. They are accurate, reliable, complete, updated, and suitable for any specific purpose.


  1. The access will be free from interruptions, errors, or viruses.


  1. Our website shall be secure.


It should be taken into consideration that you use, read, and act on our website and our Content, where you shall be held responsible for the risk involved.


Limited Liability


As permitted by law to the maximum extent, we shall not be held responsible for any sort of loss, expense, or damage that result from any direct or indirect and/or current/unascertained/future/contingent Liability caused by you or any other third party, which is resulted from/in connection with any of the following:


  • Usage of our website
  • Usage of our content
  • Inaccessibility of our website
  • Interruption to our website
  • Outage of our website
  • Loss of data (with respect to User Content)
  • Corruption of data (with respect to User Content)
  • Incorrect Content
  • Incomplete Content
  • Outdated Content




As permitted by law to the maximum extent, we are to be indemnified by you and held harmless against any Liability suffered or incurred from us resulting from/in connection with your usage of our website or any violation of these Terms or any particular laws by you. Being free from other obligations according to these Terms, this indemnity is a continuing obligation and shall continue even after these Terms come to an end. Before the enforcement of a right of indemnity according to these terms, we do not have to suffer or incur any Liability.


Terminating these terms


The Terms shall be in effect until we terminate them, which can be done by us at any given time even without providing any prior notice to you. In an event where such termination occurs, all the restrictions to which you are subjected by these Terms as well as the limitations of liability as per these Terms tend to continue.


Dealing with an issue


In case you want to provide feedback to us, please get in touch with us, and you should know that we tend to give a lot of value to your feedback. In any situation where there is a dispute resulting from, or with respect to these Terms (Dispute), the party who claims to be having a dispute should provide a written notice to the other party while presenting the details of the Dispute along with providing a valid resolution. Within a period of 7 days after receiving the notice, both the parties should meet at least once while trying to resolve the Dispute in effect (with good faith) with the help of their senior executives/senior managers who possess the authority of seeking a resolution for their respective party. All the circumstances of such an event will be privileged, except for the fact of the occurrence of the conference. In case there is no resolution of the Dispute by both parties or when both the parties agree with an alternative solution when the dispute is not resolved, the Dispute can be referred to as litigation by any of the parties, within a period of 21 days after the receipt of notice when a notice is provided in writing.


If these Terms aren’t partially correct


In case a provision of these Terms is deemed as nullified, illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, then that specific provision should be read down as narrowly as required so as to allow it to be valid or to make it enforceable. When it is not possible to read down a provision (either partially or entirely), then that specific provision (or a particular part of that provision) is to be removed from these Terms while making it sure that the validity or enforceability of the remainder of that provision or the remaining provisions mentioned in these Terms won’t be affected.


The laws that govern these particular Terms of Use


The usage of our website by you as well as these Terms are controlled by the laws of the United States. It is to be noted that you must unconditionally and irrevocably submit to the sole jurisdiction of the courts that are present and operate within the United States and the courts that are authorized to hear the appeals from such courts while waiving off any of the existing rights to protest from the proceedings that are to be brought in those courts.


Our website can be accessed all over the United States, and we make no representation that our website is in accordance with the laws (along with the intellectual property laws) of any country apart from the United States. In case you try to access our website from a country outside of the United States, then it should be noted that you are responsible for the risk involved as well as to comply with the laws in the jurisdiction from where you are accessing our site.


If you have any queries or notices, then please feel free to get in touch with us through the details given below.



Email: support@levelupsauna.com


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