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Benefits of Using a Sauna Blanket

A Little Sauna History

Even though sauna blankets are a relatively new invention, saunas are not. Saunas have been around since the beginning of time. Even though sauna blankets are a relatively new invention, saunas are not. Saunas have been around since the beginning of time. Somewhere along the way thousands of years ago, someone discovered how good it felt to be in a warm, sweaty environment and how rejuvenating it felt afterwards. They started creating sauna environments.

Fast forward to Indian nations and aboriginal populations who heated up rocks and put them in an enclosed area where the temperature would rise hot enough to make everyone sweat. This version would have been a version of the sweat lodge. The luxury home market found that business executives started hiring people to create Finnish sauna rooms in their expensive homes so they could benefit.


And then the wellness industry discovered them and made them more potent with far infrared technology and small enough to fit in a 1200-1600sf home. These looked like little huts and fit in the room. They were about the size of a small closet. The industry started creating mini FIR saunas but the cost was still prohibitive to many.


And then the sauna sleeping bags showed up. But these had another problem – they had to be set up on the floor in the home and some people simply didn’t have enough room. Enter the sauna blanket – the answer to the everyday person’s wellness program. The sauna blanket fits on top of a bed so as long as you have a bed, you can use the sauna blanket, and still reap all the benefits of FIR sauna technology without the expense.


Benefits of a Sauna Blanket

There are several benefits of a sauna blanket and they all are similar to benefits of any type of sauna that is FIR. Take a look at them and you’ll find they are something you want!


  1. Better immunity

One of the benefits of sauna blankets is that your immune system is strengthened. It will increase your white blood cell count. Your white blood cells help fight infections.


  1. Re-energizes your cell’s mitochondria

Your cell’s mitochondria are the batteries of the cell. They are what give you energy. And if you recharge those batteries with the FIR (far infrared wavelength) from the sauna blanket, you will feel rejuvenated. If you have fatigue, a sauna blanket could be your solution.


  1. Improves heart function

Research studies have shown that those with chronic heart failure and peripheral arterial disease (clogged arteries in the legs) benefit from the sauna technology in the sauna blanket. Their heart function improves.


  1. Sense of Calmness and Serenity and Better Sleep

You’ll relax a lot more after your sauna blanket session. Decreased cortisol in the morning contributes to you reducing your stress levels and increased calmness. One of the benefits of sauna blankets is also increased levels of melatonin, too, which helps you sleep.


  1. Detoxifying effects

Early studies showed that FIR saunas force the body to release toxic elements such as mercury and other water soluble toxins such as chemicals and food additives. That’s a good thing because toxins accumulate in the body and the more of them you have, the worse your health is.


  1. Reduction in pain

Those who have arthritis and back problems have benefitted greatly from sauna technology. The joint pain and back problems may be related to inflammation that is lessened with the heat therapy.


  1. Can stop a cold from developing

In one study, patients had a runny nose but after using sauna technology every morning for 7 days, their symptoms of eye itching, nose itching, nose stuffiness, runny nose and sneezing were all significantly improved.


  1. Positive effects on skin

Skin looks healthier and more radiant when saunas are done regularly. Your skin will seem to tighten up as well.


  1. Increases in testosterone

One study of athletes found increases of testosterone and growth hormone right after the sauna sessions. This would help men who are working out and want to increase muscle size. You can expect that one of the benefits of sauna blankets could be helpful to those after a workout. Muscle soreness is also decreased by saunas.


  1. Improved circulation

You can’t help but get better circulation when you use a sauna blanket. It’s one more of the benefits of the sauna blankets.




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